Track-A-Hack Inc. 
By Nick Gehin-Scott, Robin Weise, and Alliona Gaud 
Overview of the game:  
Resource managing game focused on running a Cyber Forensic company. Gameplay is centered around the different departments and steps to digital forensics. CCI Building bridges was an initiative aimed at bringing people closer to concepts of cyber security

From CCI Page:
"The project proposes to use gamification, which is when various aspects of game playing such as rewards, badges, quests, and competitive standing are used to heighten user engagement with a product or service. The proposed project will leverage a user-centered design process to develop a mobile application prototype that will gamify cybersecurity education and assessment. Artists from a variety of fields are involved in developing assets for the game. To further facilitate widespread user engagement with cybersecurity, the project will also use abstraction: the process of simplifying more complex concepts so that they can be consumed by a larger audience."
All images below are designs of the board and cards quickly made by myself alongside my team's cyber and game mechanics experts, taking our idea and turning them into a visual prototype. 
For more information on the mechanics see this presentation.
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